Yucca, b(yikes) and Tofu

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Saturday morning began with a Christopher Nygeres class on fibers and basketry. While such things are indeed labor intensive, they were not as difficult as I had previously imagined. Within a few hours of leisurely strolling through the San Gabriel Mountains a group of 10 had made baskets (or in some cases, drink coasters), in addition to making a brush and rope from yucca fibers. I also started my first fire without the use of fossil (or veggie oil) fuels. We used a flat piece of Willow, and a stripped branch, spinning the branch with a piece of leather to create a burning coal. Then added dry grass and blowing air on the coal. Couldn't have been more simple, (unless you use a lighter).

While I was waiting at the Art Center College of Design for my dad to get off work I had a peek into the exhibit b(yikes!)

June 25 — August 31, 2006

Art Center College of Design
1700 Lida Street
Pasadena, CA 91103

This exhibit is more of a road map to the most eccentric cycles ever created. Including 2 bikes that ride on water, one controlled by a goldfish and motion sensor, and one made almost completely of bamboo.

Summertime in Los Angeles is not known for it's mild temperatures and this season is no exception. Anyone at this weekend's tightly packaged tofu festival { http://www.tofufest.org/ } will attest that it was hot, and the festival was the coolest place to be in Little Tokyo, however, a little more shade trees would have been quite nice. There was quite a large turnout for this event on Sunday, since it's hip to be square there was a tofu eating contest, live performances and a cook off featuring celebrity iron chefs. If only local raw foods could get this much attention...