Guacamole Map

guac map
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Bring your own chiles (if you like), onions (unless you have a really good eye for wild ones) and maybe some spices. There are several pepper trees on ther train tracks, I recommend to either bring a pepper grinder, or use only the outer pink shell of the peppers in the guacamole. Simply follow the blue line. If you want a fruit snack, check the small Peach Tree on Veteran Ave at Exposition or Ayres north of the guacamole route.

The word Avocado comes from "Ahuacuatl", the Aztec word for testicle tree. The name may come from the way the fruits hang from the tree in pairs, or the fertility powers it possessed. Avocado was a main source of fat in many indigenous diets and also contained many curative powers. The leaves can be applied to wounds as a poultice, the skin is used as an antibiotic remedy for intestinal parasites and urinary infections, and the oils and seeds have an excellent effect on the skin and hair. The oil can be found in many high end beauty products.

The fruit was brought to California around the turn of the century and has made a happy home here ever since as one of the most valuable trees in Agriculture. Avocados in California are a billion dollar business. Some varieties can fetch $3.00 per avocado, and each tree can produce thousands. So save money, resources and fuel, plant Avocado in your yard or neighborhood.