Assignment 6

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My consistent tardiness prevented me from finding out about this assignment on time. I grasped the idea of the assignment, but lacked a great idea that would allow me to make something that could serve as a model, and as a useful item. The notion that all other students seemed only interested in designing an indoor room led me to try something different. I experimented with solar ovens, which can slowly cook foods at temperatures between 100-250 degrees Fahrenheit. I always thought that this design could be improved through a separation similar to racks in a conventional oven or compartments in a refrigerator. I made a cardboard box covered with tin foil (which is the most homemade, rudimentary form of a solar oven) covered with Plexiglas. I inserted a tinfoil wall that partitioned the space into two triangles, which would allow 2 different items to be cooked simultaneously.

I also experimented with a wall separating my driveway from the patio. Instead of taking the whole thing down and discarding the wood, I took down every other piece on both sides creating a screen effect at certain angles while also allowing light from the patio and kitchen into the darker parking area at night and a better view of the hills during the day from the patio. All the4 excess screws and wood were used either as shelving units or in a tree house that has yet to be constructed.

assignment 5

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Observation Tower composed of Platonic Solids

The recommended materials for these assignments also presented challenges. All of the examples from previous years were made from impractical shapes that were easy to construct as a model, but posed no concrete use otherwise. The issues of accessibility were a constant concern of mine, as was sustainability. This prevented me from making a cardboard or construction paper assembly of colorful shapes. All cardboard used in the project were found on campus. Using it in the most effective way to create strenghts, and preserve construction material, was difficult to plan, but simpler in the end.

Assignment 4

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Compacted Spheres

For this assignment we were either given marbles or encouraged to go to an art store and buy Styrofoam balls. I didn’t want to use either as a material, and as I arrived late to the class I was unable to join a group. This left me some time to ponder the assignment on my own. Outside of my room I found an inedible nut tree that had been decimated by squirrels, leaving round little balls with small holes in them. I thought these holes might make them easier to join together, but that was not the case. After struggling to make a simple connection with only 5 spheres, I decided that these were not the best materials for the job. Then I thought about how triangles and spheres were some of the most common shapes found in nature. We had an abundance of oranges and those seem to stack easily and support themselves, so I used oranges to make more elaborate polygons without anything but a basket foundation to support them.

Asignment 3

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Regular Tensegrity

Tensegrity can exist in a vast array circumstances and shapes, but unless all lengths are equal it is considered irregular. To make a project that was equal I found 3 bike tires and a stainless steel double u frame. I wrapped the tires around the frame 4 times with 1 tire on each of the 3 sides. The result is a small ottoman that can also be used as a lightweight, portable seat. This design is one of my favorites and might inspire a new line of furniture.

Assignment 2

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Irregular Tensegrity

After much thought about he use of a wire frame type of sculpture, I decided against it in favor of something more out of the ordinary. I thought of the different ways that tensegrity is used in my everyday life, elevators, bridges, and overpasses and then I thought about the deadline for the project. I chose to make a model of my bed, which is uses forces of tension and compression to suspend loose knit cord over a metal frame. The result is quite a good nights sleep… if you can find the right spot. To assemble the model I found an old piece of aluminum, formerly a piece of a window screen that was approximately 1/4 scale of my hammock. I then stole some bamboo chopsticks from the kitchen (4), 2 for the base and 2 for the rope, which was made from hemp. First I tied the cut pieces of hemp twine to the bamboo chopsticks. Then once each end had been connected to the bent aluminum by a protruding screw, the two suspended chopsticks were connected.

assignment 1

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Self Portrait

A few years ago I might have approached this assignment much differently. I would have gone to the art or model store to buy manufactured materials and supplies. Many would contain or produce as a byproduct, toxic chemicals. I do not want to contribute to environmental devastation so I try to minimize the amount of new things I buy.

Over the summer, I was able to visit Japan and go to the worlds fair. A popular item was a branch from a tree, with notes hanging all over it. I later found out that these were all wishes that people had written down as a superstition hoping they would come true. I wanted to make something that was sturdy, so I turned to nature for design advice. Trees and plants are balanced very well through symmetry and balance, and furthermore, they use tensegrity at the molecular level. I wanted to use the tree in the same way a genealogist uses a family tree, to make a visual image of many independent parts.

This assignment came as a surprise to me, not only that it was assigned on the first day of class, but also that it involved almost anything other than a pen, and paper, or computer. For me the decision was easy after I thought about the materials and design for a little while. I didn't want to have to go to the art store and spend money, and I wanted to make something out of all the junk that was beginning to accumulate in the backyard. I remembered a tree I saw over the summer that people were writing wishes down on a piece of paper and attaching them to a tree branch. So I cut down and shrub that was dying and trimmed off most of the leaves. I also found a juice bottle that was in the trash and filled it with concrete rubble that was left over after I removed some slabs of cement. I took pictures of myself and printed them on recycled paper, and put them on the branch. I also attached some magazine photos and old sketches I had drawn. A candle made of beeswax was put on a back branch to symbolize illumination. I thought of leaving a blank surface to project video images onto it, but I don't have a projector.

look at how cool i am with my ipod portrait

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sorry I didn't mean to sound, look or act like a myspace page, but sometimes the walking billboard in me just pops out.

thursday brunch

thursday brunch
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recipe for disaster;

1 free range vegitarian fed egg
1 slice of bread
1/2 tbl spoon oil (olive or hemp)
1/2 table spoon of bbq sauce
1/2 cup of alfalfa sprouts
dash of tobasco sauce

Standard egg in bread, with a little extra umph.

the little guy

the sense of anonymity fostered by, and the animosity generated toward the concrete sprawl of the city landscape, motivates the writer to make a name for himself. In very much the same way a skateboarder engages his urban environment, the graffiti artist attacks concrete walls, and the city, in turn, is transformed into a landscape of self-assertion
the little guy
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Last seen in Tokyo, floating on a telephone pole...

butterflies in the window

butterflies in the window
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The love birds / flys where gettin it on outside my window in Kyoto. Get a room. One that doesnt smell like mines does (shit). Very nice garden though.

last meal

last meal
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This was the first couse of tonights meal in Kyoto. Clockwise from top was a red fig marinating in sake, a mochi wrapped in a leaf, tofu or egg, (i still am not sure) with differnt food colorings and assortment of raw fish and snails (seriously, they dont play around)

Our server might have started crying when she asked about `yim moorison` It could have been sweat from her brow after carrying like 10 trays up the stairs.

Communication vs. Community

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Can you have communication without community. Can you have community without communication? We have both I suppose, but they don't seem to complement eachother very well (as of yet).

the government is the economy

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the economy is the government

or was it the other way around


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people ask what it is, it can be hard to explain with so many different and contradicting deffinitions For me, an illustration outlines basic principals best.

best land grabs before 2004

Bellmont High School
Playa Vista
Laccd wilshire office
Lincoln place
Scottish Rites Temple
Ambassador Hotel / Coconut Grove

Mahatma Gandhi

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admired for patience

Leonardo da Vinci

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Admired for insight

Buckminister Fuller

buck fuller
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Admired for vision.

other sites and blogs

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Artist web site. Updated. Get a free qutoe. The style becomes more polished and rudimentary simultaneously. Excellent stencilmanship. Sorry i ruined your Banksy book Shaun. It's still in my car if you want it.


Current School I am attending as a graduate diploma student in regional development.


A developing user driven interactivce maping system of green businesses, co-ops, free wireless networks, public fruit trees and more.


This is the website of an individual (mike rupert) who worked for the Los Angeles Police Dept, and resigned to become an investigative author. Recently his office was broken into.


This is the blog of an individual (Gerald Perttula)


This is the website of a magazine. It also has antiprenuer, an organization of artists, marketplaces and ideas. They sell shoes made of organic hemp with recycled rubber tires.




Check your city's free page, barter, rants and raves, craigs blog, best of and whatever else floats your boat.


The Yam chips i am eating right now are from here


This is a web site of Dr. John, a venice local.


Permaculture {(pûrm-klchr) n. A system of perennial agriculture emphasizing the use of renewable natural resources and the enrichment of local ecosystems.} Credit union.
For $5.00 USD you can open an account with a $50.00 minimun balance. Loans for sustainable projects.


I met a man once at a asian vegan resturant on Beverly Blvd, by La Cienega, who talked to me for an hour about the realians and the reptilian family, and how it all fit into the JFK assasination. Supposedly these people who invented cloning before we knew what diapers were, will come visit us to "check up" on us. Say what up if you see 'em.


Also excelllent artist. Flavorful, colorful candy like aliens, birds and plants. Moveable art coming soon. Rings, tenticles and trinkets. Raelians will need interior decorators.


Comprehensive Listing of west los angeles vegan offerings.


This site is an example of what can be done when people make an attempt to sustain themselves in the city with great results. Check out the biodiesel suburban.


Eco Art.


Complete "green map" of Santa Monica, and the Ballona watershed, with other incomplete items.


501 - c3 youth collective recently transplanted from long beach to culver city. Seeking diesel bus donation for biofuels conversion.


Santa Monica group expanding outwards involvewd with many fors of transportation options from walking to electric cars, biofuels, scooters etc.


Swell website that now utilizes platial for mapping of fruit primariry in central los angeles


Christopher Nyerges is a knowledgeable wild salad hunter, and offers a wealth of southern california ecology on walks and online.


Shop in venice near windward and pacific selling help clothing and accessories. Try the roasted hemp seeds, they are better than butter. More crunchy too.

phtograph of the week

tongva man
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This individual is Jose Salvideo; San Manuel Reservation; June 21, 1933.

(C. Hart Merriam Collection of Native American Photographs, ca. 1890-1938)

marion lane

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Painting of the week

book list

Ecovillages:A Practical Guide to Sustainable communities
by Jan Martin Bang

Ecovillages have arisen around the world in response to the social fragmentation of modern life and its alienation from nature. They provide a variety of ways of living in community with others and with nature and are linked worldwide through the Global Ecovillage Network. While interest in this approach to sustainable living is rapidly increasing, there is relatively little literature on the topic and none that brings the design principles of permaculture to bear on the successful design of these communities. Ecovillages explores the new departures in personal, social and ecological living represented by this phenomenon. This book explores the background and history to the ecovillages movement, and then provides a comprehensive manual for planning, establishing and maintaining a sustainable community, using a permaculture approach

The Natural Step for Communities
by Sarah James and Torbjorn Lahti

"resonates that any true sustainable grassroots revolution depends not just on inovation but democratic process"

Maps of the Mind
by Charles Hampden-Turner

An eclectic collection of charts and concepts that illuminate the mind and it's labyrinths.

Street Gallery: A Guide to 1000 Los Angeles Murals
Robin J. Dunitz

Old, but good reference to a wide range of painted, tile and mosaic murals, both interior and exterior, in Los Angeles County. See history through a populist lens and diverse communities in almost every decade for the last 100 years.

Civilizations: Culture, Ambition and the Transformation of Nature
by Filipe Fernandez-Armesto

Felipe Fernandez-Armesto theorizes a resolution to the nature of civilization, that societies become civilized by taming and warping nature. Exploring 17 habitats the book zeroes in on features that reflect the quality of life and source of survival in civilizations across ten millennia.

Gaia's Garden: A Guide to Home-Scale Permaculture
by Toby Hemenway

Easy to use and understand tour through the permaculture garden.

Farms of Tommorrow Revisited: Community Supported Farms-Farm supported Communities
by Trauger Groh and Steve McFadden

Ten examples of CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) farms with first-hand information and advice from the farmers themselves. Valuable to anybody interested in the CSA movement in the United States (or the world), or to farmers wishing to start their own CSA program. Helpful appendices on getting started, acquiring land, sample budgets, and typical CSA shares are included

Fostering Sustainable Behavior: an Introduction to community-based social marketing
by Doug McKenzie-Mohr and William Smith

Published in 1999, this 176-page book details how to uncover the barriers that inhibit individuals from engaging in sustainable behaviours. It provides a set of "tools" that social science research has demonstrated to be effective in fostering and maintaining behaviour change. The guide also details how to design and evaluate programmes. The strategies detailed here, and the methods suggested in order to implement and evaluate them, form the basis of an emerging field that the authors refer to as "community-based social marketing" (CBSM)

Sustainable Cities: Concepts and Strategies for Eco-city Development
Edited by B Walter, L Arkin, R Crenshaw

"Sustainable Cities shows how urban developement and the environmentcan co-exist in a sucessful partnership that will result in better air quality, cleaner water, more nutritious food, less commuting time, quieter and more nature oriented surroundings, a richer community life, less urban stress and improved health for the people who live and work in cities"

Second Nature: Adapting LA's Landscape for Sustainable Living
Edited by Patrick Condon and Stacy Moriarty

TreePeople's grand vision, with practical details for turning L.A. into a sustainable space to live. Site designs for single-family, multiplex, public, and commercial sites.

The First Angelinos by William McCawley

In a well-organized, clearly-written manner, William McCawley has taken the scraps out of the basket and fashioned a beautiful quilt that brings light and life to an oft-maligned people. He has done an amazing amount of research in putting together this volume. If "God is in the details", then it is the details of religion and custom that elevate a people from the mere "diggers" I learned about in school to an intelligent society well-adapted to its environment. This is an essential resource for anyone studying or teaching about California (including fourth-grade teachers), and invaluable to those who simply enjoy learning more about Southern California history.

Discovering Green Lanes
by Valerie Belsey

Valerie Belsey shows how to identify them on the ground, how to recognise them on antique maps, and how to locate documents and other records which will reveal who used them in past times. She also discusses their ecological value, the current controversy about who should be able to use them, and how to get involved in restoring and protecting lanes in your area. Discovering Green Lanes includes useful contact information, key dates in highway history and sample survey forms for recording wildlife in your local green lane.

Extreme Simplicity
by Christopher and Dellores Nyerges

The book describes their efforts to do "integral gardening" on every bit of usable land, to produce food (for people and wildlife), medicines, fragrance, shade, and useful tools. They describe how they went about raising earthworms, chickens, rabbits, bees, a goose, a pig, and their dogs in their typical back yard. The Nyerges' also take the reader along their journey to installing a wood fireplace, solar water heating, and a solar electric system. Though there is much "how to" in this book, it is full of personal stories and rich reading of the learning they experienced along the way. There is a section on recycling, and a unique section about the economics of self-reliance.

California's Utopian Colonies
by Robert V. Hine

Study originally published in 1953, in the years before the hippies and their experiments in communal living-focuses on Fountain Grove, the Theosophical colonies Point Loma and Temple Home, the Icaria Speranza Commune, Altruria, the Kaweah Co-operative commonweath and Llano del Rio. Includes a new introduction by the author, maps, illustrations, bibliographical note, index. xviii, 209 pp.

A Field Guide to Roadside Technology
by Ed Sobey

The author says he was inspired to write the book by the questions his kids asked him on drives and his not being able to provide answers. Sobey's book explains types of bridges, power plants and industrial sites, what all those covers and plates in the sidewalks and streets are, and what all those wires and devices hanging from utility poles do.

City of Quartz
by Mike Davis

Excellent source for political history of Los Angeles this century. Very sensitive to social trends and problems. Well written, with lots of informationthat is relevant today. Also bought Magical Urbanism by the same author but have not read it yet. If you have let me know if you like it or not.

Sustainability on Campus
by Peggy Barlett and Geoffrey Chase

Good source for students who are interested in making changes on campus. Have not finished yet, but looking forward to it. Published by MIT press, which is a pretty good source. Stories about many colleges and how they went about helping some of the ecosystems on and off campus.

Reefer Madness
by Eric Schlosser

I really enjoyed they way this book is formatted with only three main chapters. They all seem disconnected at first but he really pulls them together well. It centers around the black market economy and how it is connected to many different, obvious and not so obvious areas. Fast Food Nation, the authors first book, is also very well written. Look for my condensed educational film version, coming soon.

Crossing the Rubicon: The decline of American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil
by Michael Ruppert

If found the introductory chapters including CIA and LAPD involvement in drug trafficing, and detailed timelines of nine eleven. The activities of our vice prez were a red flag, and constant and consistant perculiarities and incongruencies of different branches of governement were astonishing. I had really never thought the end of drive thru would come so soon.

curoius deaths since 2000 elections

There is much information on the web about these deaths. Most occured under suspicious circumstances. Look up the stories on these people yourself and see what you come up with.

1. Yasser Arafat (PLO leader)

2. Gary Webb (journalist)

3. Paul Wellstone (democrat)

4. Dr. David Kelly (scientist)

5. J. Clifford Baxter (enron employee)

6. Steve Kangas (journalist)

7. Margie Schoedinger (Texan Entrepenuer)

8. James E. Sabow (US Colonel)

9. Danny Casolaro (software engineer)

10. Steve Neal (political columnist)

Cui Bono - (who benifits)

Quality Cinema

1. Walkabout
2. Winged Miration
3. Bubba Ho Tep
4. Dark Days
5. Usual Suspects
6. Microcosmos
7. Shawshank Redemption
8. Chronos
9. Ghost Dog
10. Grass
11. Dead Man
12. Stevie
13. Edward Scissor Hands
14. The Politics of Fear
15. Ran
16. What I learned about US Foreign Policy
17.The Ballad of Jack and Rose
18. Hashish
19. Slacker
20. The War Room
21. Ballad of Jack and Rose
22. Quest for Fire
23. The Village
24. Being There
25. Sonatine
26. Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room
27. 800 Bullets
28. Implied Consent: Noam Chomsky and the Mass Media
29. The Girl from Paris
30. Genesis