film one. duck

A short film made by Taylor Arneson and Sean Maung in the year 1999.

painting one. untitled

flagmoney, originally uploaded by taylorone.

acyrlic paint and paper on a 24 x 30inch canvas made in the year 2001

photograph four. felis hobbes

, originally uploaded by taylorone.

photograph taken in the spring of 1998 originally printed on 8 x 10

photograph three. night horn

, originally uploaded by taylorone.

color print made in the spring of 1998, 8 x 10

photograph two. milifido

, originally uploaded by taylorone.

color print made in the spring of 1998 original size 8 x 10

photograph one. miliunicom

, originally uploaded by taylorone.

black and white print taken in the fall of 1997 on the roof. 8 x 10 (military universal communication).

tres amigos/as

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Photo taken at the Los Angeles Public Library, downtown by taylor

HUG Video

<a href="">Hunt Utilities Group, LLC </a> is a forming a ecological campus in Pine River, Minnesota. They have constructed a building system made from natural building materials; clay, sand, straw, and wood. They have also employed passive solar and geothermal heating to make it through the bitter cold winters.

Making Cob: The sculptable building material

Make cob with clay, sand, straw and human energy. Cob is a wonderful non-toxic natural building material. It can be used to create ovens, dwellings, and sculptural forms.

Ecological Democracy

The idea of Ecological Democracy is discussed at length by practioners from India, Brazil, UK, Tanzania, Finland.

Ecological Democracy puts human and environmental rights at the center stage of development.

A Civilization is a Terrible Thing to Waste

An interview with found object artist & dumpster diver Neil Benson on the importance of recycling to sustainable development.

Neil Benson is a founding member of "The Dumpster Divers," a Philadelphia-based found object art collective.

Please Visit us Online @

Caifornia Community Energy

TreehuggerTV: Urban Homestead

Path to Freedom shows us how their urban homestead saves energy. From solar panels & biodiesel to grey water showers to sustainable agriculture, see how these urban homesteaders use clever ways to reduce their ecological impact.

TreeHuggerTV: An Eco-Film Festival

Sneak peaks of " Who Killed the Electric Car" and the Brad Pitt narrated documentary "Design: E2." Plus feedback on Al Gore's film " An Inconvenient Truth," lovesexy news on the world's hottest vegetarian, and a German study on the ever-warming sun.

Be the Change: A New Era of Green Activism

Be the Change: A New Era of Green Activism

Profiling the actions of student activists working towards environmental sustainability at UC Santa Cruz.

Energy Fair at Crestone

The 17th annual energy fair at Crestone Colorado is Sept 2-4. There will be demonstrations on a variety of alternative housing, solar and wind, permaculture, etc.

Green Building with Josho Somi

Green Building with Josho Somine permaculture designer/artist Join us as he teaches how to build a living willow chair, and discusses his philosophies behind his work. We live in a world today in need of such refreshing views of building in a more sustainable artistic way. Dharma Dog Tracks: are mini modular video casting projects. Tracking the people, places and things of a rapidly changing environment called earth. Its dedication is to those who seek to revolutionize the world by taking responsibility for that which looks at our inner life more than the material life, and how interconnecting with alternative models is in the best interest of all living things.

Angel's Nest

A tour of a sustainable home in Taos New Mexico made of straw bale, tires, popcans and bottles. The electricity is generated through wind and solar technology. Rainwater is captured as culinary water and there is a bio-diesel/hydrogen fueling station.
Visit for more info.

the ecovideo blog...

is a collection of short films, videos and slideshows that inform the viewer of solutions to problems that effect communities in every corner of the world, that can be implemented by anyone on a daily basis.

Gaia University Flyer

gaia flyer
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Click on the picture of this flyer to go to the site. Download the medium size to print (you can do 2 per page that way).

Tijuana, the moderns, and hydrogen hybrid huxters

b house
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This week has been a cornacopia of different flavors. After a 3 day workshop in Tijuana ending Saturday, I was tired. On wendsday I attend a Permaculture potluck. We met at David Kahn's residence to witness the transformation of his front lawn (now front swales). I almost didn't recognize his house with the white picket fence removed. David's projects are coming along nicely, his website is { } My guacamole was sucessfull after a slight hesitation when I told people it was "gleaned" from the avocado tree on the corner of gennesee and lexington.

On Thurday I was asked to attend an architectural meeting for a new hybrid house adaptation made of recycled steel shipping containers and glass in the Venice Canals. After much debate some of the materials were finalized and are being submitted to the California Costal Commission. Architect Whitney Sanders and his firm create a very modern atmosphere using creative materials and techniques. { }

That evening at the Peterson Automotive Museum I attended a event hosted by Honda, Toyota and Rio Hondo College. There were several hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles on display. Several professors from their Alternative Fuel Program gave well informed, but predictable talks on Bio Fuels, Electric and Natural Gas vehicles.
By the way, if hydrogen has gallons, they would be $9.00 each?
{ }