Tijuana, the moderns, and hydrogen hybrid huxters

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This week has been a cornacopia of different flavors. After a 3 day workshop in Tijuana ending Saturday, I was tired. On wendsday I attend a Permaculture potluck. We met at David Kahn's residence to witness the transformation of his front lawn (now front swales). I almost didn't recognize his house with the white picket fence removed. David's projects are coming along nicely, his website is { www.sustainablehabitats.org/ } My guacamole was sucessfull after a slight hesitation when I told people it was "gleaned" from the avocado tree on the corner of gennesee and lexington.

On Thurday I was asked to attend an architectural meeting for a new hybrid house adaptation made of recycled steel shipping containers and glass in the Venice Canals. After much debate some of the materials were finalized and are being submitted to the California Costal Commission. Architect Whitney Sanders and his firm create a very modern atmosphere using creative materials and techniques. { http://www.sander-architects.com/ }

That evening at the Peterson Automotive Museum I attended a event hosted by Honda, Toyota and Rio Hondo College. There were several hybrid, electric and hydrogen vehicles on display. Several professors from their Alternative Fuel Program gave well informed, but predictable talks on Bio Fuels, Electric and Natural Gas vehicles.
By the way, if hydrogen has gallons, they would be $9.00 each?
{ http://www.petersen.org/default.cfm?docid=814&EventID=23 }