Mike Davis serves a cold dish of reality for Los Angelinos, who may have fears deeply rooted in superstition and hysteria, among other misconceptions. Examining the likes of good weather, bad disasters, and ugly suburbs mike manages to pen a sharp social history, and informed ecological study of one of his favorite topics and home, southern California. From letting Malibu burn to tenement apartments and the bubonic plague the stage is set for a revelation of fact and fiction as he examines hundreds of novels and dozens of movies of disaster in Los Angeles. Together with his other southern California literature, "Magical Urbanism" and "City of Quarts" he is on the way to map out a new history from the propagandistic textbooks barely suitable for toddlers picture books.

Although the first free workshop was this last weekend, the next two are quickly approaching. Mark's raw milk presentation was amazing, David was able to explain permaculture very quickly with an informed global environmental background.

The next two workshops will be more hands on. Farming techniques and natural building respectively. Please come along and bring a friend or two, an instrument and or food n drinks.

See you there

Permaculture Workshops


Day one. Saturday march 3, 2007-
10am – 4pm - info@sustainablehabitats.org

This Free Introduction to Permaculture Class is an outline of the
science and art of Permaculture. It will define the term, its history,
its founders and the curriculum of the design course certificate, its
ethics and foundations. It will describe the benefits and show some of
the most important work undertaken by permaculture designers.Learn the
truth from one of America's leading experts on raw milk. Mark McAfee,
is regarded by many in the industry as the foremost expert in raw milk
safety and raw dairy product markets and technology.
Contact / rsvp . . . david . . . 323 . 667.1330
Day two. Saturday march 10, 2007
10 am – sunset - info@sustainablehabitats.org

Come to silverlake where a community food center is being created in a
residential neighborhood. Learn sheet mulching and planting techniques
and tips on garden design.
Contact / rsvp . . . david . . . 323 . 667 . 1330
Day three. Sunday march 11, 2007
Sunrise – sunset – taylorist@gmail.com

Join us in highland park for food and drinks, the basics of earth bag
construction techniques, native plants, swale building in an
educational setting. Bring potluck food, family, pets and any tools
and skills that you have.

Contact / rsvp . . . Taylor . . . 310 . 429 . 1283