art yard and craft hard

With warm regards, I hold to the house hold that produced such a well thought event on a nice summer afternoon. It couldn't have been better having no less than 2 picnics / bbq's, but a brand new skatepark in highland park, los angeles...schucks

featuring . . .

- - Succulent arrangements & repurposed art for sacred garden spaces
by Steve Mixdorf marking the official launch of Tao Spaces.

- - See Andrew & Jennifer Draper's beautiful Vegetable and Herb gardens
and native plant garden, deck, tiled patio, pergola, and sheet-mulched
areas and/or talk to Andrew, Jen, Paul, and Steve about your gardening,
hardscaping, landscaping, remodeling, and catering ideas and

- - Rocket Stoves, solar cookers, tomato cage art, and more by Ray
Cirino - L.A. Times featured treehouse builder, cob expert, and
permaculture enthusiast. Ray is also well known for his large scale
Water Woman art project enjoyed by many at the Burning Man Art Festival
since 1996.

- - Chinese Lanterns and other Stained Glass art by Linda Parker.

- - Illuminated Wire and Fabric sculture by Sean Sobczak.

- - Beautiful sculptural turned wooden bowls by Mark Fitzsimmons.

- - Unique hand-crafted meditation bowls by Greg Vineyard.

- - Abstract fine paintings on repurposed glass panels by Jason

- - Handcrafted jewelry by Lisa Wahpepah with proceeds benefitting the
non-profit Descendants of The Earth and their work to preserve the
earth, indigineous tribal practices, and Native American ceremony.

- - And much much more: Fine Art by Nial McGaughey and others.
Biodiesel/WVO demonstration by Jennie Gaio. Electrical Conduit creations
by Paddy. Energy saving bulbs by Elizabeth Vejar. Too much to list.

One of my favorite foods since childhood is artichokes. I was recently informed (yesterday) of the difference between an artichoke and a cardoon. They are both in the thistle plant family. The cardoon is propagated for it's stem rather than it's flower (as opposed to artichoke). I have found the stem of the artichoke to be better or as good as the infamous heart. Boil or steam as much of the stalk as you can with the chokees until it is soft. Try it with a maple syrup butter sauce or olive oil, garlic and fennel. Ranch dressing works too.

The leaves as also edible but bitter depending on the variety, eaten by the romans for lower blood cholesterol and improving liver function. It has been labeled "noxious" in California and Australia, aka people consider it a weed.

carrot puddin pie

basic ingedients:

a few carrots

a few dates

a few walnuts

stumbled upon this recipe after buying too many dates at the culver city farmers market. Take a few carrots and a few dates and pulverize them. Either mortar and pestle or cuisnart. Then take some walnuts and crush them evenly into what ever you use as the pie dish. Then pour in carrot puddin. Simple and easy, add variation.