Assignment 6

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My consistent tardiness prevented me from finding out about this assignment on time. I grasped the idea of the assignment, but lacked a great idea that would allow me to make something that could serve as a model, and as a useful item. The notion that all other students seemed only interested in designing an indoor room led me to try something different. I experimented with solar ovens, which can slowly cook foods at temperatures between 100-250 degrees Fahrenheit. I always thought that this design could be improved through a separation similar to racks in a conventional oven or compartments in a refrigerator. I made a cardboard box covered with tin foil (which is the most homemade, rudimentary form of a solar oven) covered with Plexiglas. I inserted a tinfoil wall that partitioned the space into two triangles, which would allow 2 different items to be cooked simultaneously.

I also experimented with a wall separating my driveway from the patio. Instead of taking the whole thing down and discarding the wood, I took down every other piece on both sides creating a screen effect at certain angles while also allowing light from the patio and kitchen into the darker parking area at night and a better view of the hills during the day from the patio. All the4 excess screws and wood were used either as shelving units or in a tree house that has yet to be constructed.