Wild Gourmet CSA

From VPR:

For most people, a hike through the woods is just a hike. But for some Vermonters it can be like a trip to the grocery store. Wild edible foragers pull everything from the obvious mushrooms and berries, to obscure greens, roots, and barks. We talk with two foraging experts, Les Hook and Nova Kim, who supply restaurants around the state with their findings, and lead educational workshops.


Wild Organic

We collect and use only the finest, ethically, wildcrafted ingredients
(collected by ourselves).

This includes a wide range of unusual and hard-to-locate plants (yes,
mushrooms are plants, too) and, never collect more than we anticipate we
will need for ourselves, for market, membership, reserve and for gifting.

Therefore, we limit the number of memberships we will accept and keep only
a very limited supply on hand from season to season.

It has always been our policy to promote and encourage alternative
economic resources besides "just" timber or agribusiness.

We promote the use of our wild edibles while
conducting and collecting research on the various plant forms
(native and immigrants) occurring in the wild,
encouraging and educating the public to the benefits derived from
their usage, and
helping to preserve the plants' natural habitat, thus ensuring a
continuing supply for generations to come.

Please contact us directly if you would like additional information or would
like to sign up. Thank you!