interior decorating on homeless hillsides

What does interior decorating have to do with the homeless. Well, everything. For starters, dome village has been essentially evicted, auctioning their fiberglass walls and roofs on ebay to the highest bidder. I have attempted to live on a private feral hillside consisting of some almond and fruit trees, a dilapidated shack without any pathway for about 1/4 of an acre. While I was able to begining to make trails, irrigation canals, earthbag domes, bathrooms and kitchens, no sooner than a few days after i put up a tent, complaints from the property owners and neighbors claiming "it looks like a homeless village down there" or "there are clothes everywhere". Needless to say I was saddened to see how one temporary housing unit and a few garments can change perceptions so rapidly.

It was as much a blessing as it was a curse. A realization came to me that these concept eco utilities and food forests would better serve the community in a more accessible place to a diverse group of people who might find eco utilities useful, and be inspired to create or improve their own habitat. I realize that this is more easily said then done, and social trends can be difficult to predict or influence, but there is a need for examples. Several locations in urban areas of Los Angeles are being scouted and developed by a professional team of misfits to inject pro biotic energy into the air, water and soil.